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Richard Roy is the Principal Consultant at Roy & Associates. He is an expert in what construction contracts require of all parties. He is a specialist in resolving construction claims and disputes. He is an Expert Witness, Mediator, Arbitrator and Forensic Engineering Consultant. Mr. Roy is a Registered Professional Engineer with a degree from Tulane University earned in 1966. He has more than 45 years experience in the public and private sectors of the construction industry.

Engineer - Contractor

As an Engineer in construction management, he has worked as the owner's representative, as a general contractor and as a subcontractor. As a Contractor, he has been an estimator, a purchasing agent, a cost engineer, a scheduling engineer, a safety engineer, a field engineer, an office manager, a superintendent, an office engineer, a project manager, a manager of construction and a construction company owner on numerous construction projects.

Project Types

The types of projects Mr. Roy has managed include Heavy and Light Industrial Plants; Chemical and Petrochemical Plants; Water and Sewage Treatment Plants; Underground Piping, Utilities and Structures; Foundations; Heavy Commercial and Institutional Buildings and Structures; Nuclear and Fossil Fueled Power Plants; Bridges; Highways; and, Marine Facilities.


Mr. Roy is also an attorney with a degree from Tulane Law School earned in 1981. He specializes in the area of construction dispute resolution. As a member of the American Arbitration Association he has arbitrated and mediated over 150 disputes, resolving hundreds of millions of dollars in claims. He has both chaired and served on Disputes Review Board panels. He has been an Expert Witness in dozens of construction litigation cases. He has testified on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. His clients have included Public and Private Owners, Sureties, Designers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Fabricators and Suppliers. The disputes have ranged in value from several hundred thousand to billions of dollars.

Dispute Resolution

Mr. Roy is a certified mediator, arbitrator, project neutral, third party facilitator and sometimes serves as an advisor to parties who are involved in the resolution of a construction dispute through negotiation, but whose process has become stagnant due to the unrealistic expectations of one or more of the parties. In such cases, Mr. Roy can bring a fresh and unbiased approach to the situation resulting in a more productive and realistic continuation of the resolution process. This kind of intervention has broken stalemates in the past which have resulted in acceptable settlements.

What We Do

Mr. Roy can assist attorneys and their clients in the evaluation of liability issues and their associated damages. He can determine the cause and financial impact of cost and schedule overruns, productivity loss, project interference and project disruption. He can help with all phases of discovery, witness identification and preparation, document organization and control, exhibit preparation, trial assistance and testimony.


Mr. Roy has only one rate for consulting, claim analysis, testimony, arbitration or mediation. He charges $400.00 per hour. All expenses are billed at cost. There is no charge for consulting with a potential client until such time as it is decided that there is an agreement to retain Mr. Roy's services. Payment for such services is due within 30 days of billing. Any disputes in connection with Mr. Roy's services are resolved through binding arbitration, unless otherwise agreed.

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